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Disney Aulani Resort

Director of Guest Communications

The Daily & Weekly Activites Guide

As the Director of Guest Communications at Disney Aulani, it was my primary duty to lay out and design both the daily and weekly activities guides for our resort, which were printed on a large double sided page and distributed to all hotel guests. I would work directly with the 5 main departments of the resort to make sure all activities and promotions were current and active. This involved a great amount of coordination and attention to detail. This publication would be printed each day and distributed to each room at the resort. I am very proud to say I was part of the opening Staff of the Aulani resort and quickly got promoted to this role within the first month of being employed with Disney. To the best of my knowledge they are still using the templates that I helped to create to this very day! 

Character Meet & Greet Photography

The first role I was hired for was to be part of the Disney Photography Staff. It was our duty to coordinate and photograph the guests as they would meet the various Disney characters. This role included photographing the character breakfasts as well as other events around the resort on a daily basis.


Photo Pass Photographer

Being a Disney Photo Pass Photographer was a very challenging but rewarding experience. It provided me with the opportunity and training to bring my photography skills to a new level. Being able to capture the exciting moments such as when a child meets Mickey for the first time really is magical. Working in various environments and settings on a daily basis allowed my photography skills to grow. From shooting formal sunset portraits, to capturing candid moments at a Goofy Pool Party, and even to shooting Mickey meet and greets, working as a photo pass photographer for Disney's Aulani allowed me to gain an advanced working knowledge of digital photography.

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