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"Where owls dare to soar,
my imagination follows.
It's a realm where weird is wonderful,
and the unexpected is celebrated." 

-Michael Henry Schricker

At the tender age of 18, with the quiet companionship of a broke art student's life, my imagination found wings in the silence of the night. Just as an owl takes flight under the moonlit sky, my brush danced across the canvas in the quietude, finding solace and expression amidst the stars. This was the humble beginning of an unending journey into the mystical realms of digital art, a journey that became synonymous with The Owl Agency's ethos.

Each stroke on the digital canvas was a whisper of curiosity, a flutter of whimsy amidst the mundane. While the daylight hours were dedicated to the structured world of professional endeavors, the night became a sanctuary for the bizarre and beautiful creatures of imagination to come alive.

Inspiration flowed from the masterful veins of personal heroes such as H.R. Giger, whose eerie elegance in Alien's aesthetics resonated with the unexplored cosmos of my thoughts. The philosophical intricacies in Alex Grey's artwork for Tool, the metaphysical allure in BeneDigital's creations, and the mystical aura of Seth Lebowitz's Mystic Unity with the Grateful Dead, all became whispers of encouragement in the dark, urging the wings of creativity to flutter further into the unknown.

The surreal dreamscapes painted by Salvador Dali and the hauntingly beautiful nightmares conjured by Chet Zar echoed the yin and yang of imagination, the boundless possibilities that lay between the realms of the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknown.

As the Owl Agency soared through the years, a peculiar garden of digital oddities blossomed, untouched by the lure of monetization. These were the offspring of pure passion, whimsical wonders waiting to be shared with the world. The dream is to gather these strange blooms one day and venture into various festivals, sharing the whimsical whispers and color-drenched dreams with the world.

Every creation is a flight into the bizarre, a dance of colors in the silence of conformity, challenging the indifferent hotel artwork that often adorns the mundane walls of life. The aim is to evoke, to stir, to resonate with the unseen chords of emotions, to leave a whisper of thought amidst the chaos of existence.

Welcome to a whimsical odyssey with Michael Schricker and The Owl Agency, where each piece is a journey into the surreal, a celebration of the bizarre, and a homage to the nocturnal whispers that fuel the imagination. In a world of monochrome norms, let's delve into the colorful chaos of creativity, and let the whimsical wings of imagination take flight into the unseen realms.

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