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Ocean Joy Cruises

Photography Director

As the Photography Director for Ocean Joy Cruises, I was tasked with designing and establishing the onboard underwater photography program from scratch. I was responsible for procuring all the required camera equipment and hiring and training a team of crew photographers.

Our photography program aimed to capture the complete experience of our passengers, from their arrival at the dock to their snorkeling underwater, and everything in between, including the scenery and wildlife such as turtles, dolphins, and whales. The images were edited using Photoshop and a slideshow was played on the onboard TV during lunch or dinner to encourage guests to purchase the slideshow DVD. Payment processing and DVD production were completed onboard before the passengers disembarked.

In addition to photography, as part of the crew, we were also responsible for providing CPR and first aid, and following all Coast Guard requirements and regulations. This was a physically demanding, but ultimately rewarding professional experience.

I am proud to say that the program I designed generated an additional $250,000 in revenue each year for Ocean Joy Cruises and is still in use by the company today.

This is a video I directed, shot and edited.

Ocean Joy Cruises Tour Preview

Ocean Joy Cruises Tour Preview

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Professional Underwater Photography

Here are some samples of the types of images we would capture during the snorkel adventure cruise.

New Project(26).png

Sunset & Wildlife Photography

Here are some samples from my portfolio.

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