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Ten Tips for Boomers to Get Started with Web3 Marketing

Here are Ten Tips for Boomers to Get Going on Web3 Marketing.

1. Back to School: Start by understanding what Web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies

are. Think of this as going from typing letters to sending emails. The principles are

similar, but the tools have evolved.

2. Join the Digital Coffee Klatch: Platforms like Discord and Reddit are like the new local

hangout spots where you can chat about Web3. It's like joining a book club, but for

cutting-edge tech topics.

3. Know Your Friends: In the good old days, you knew your customers by name. It's the

same in the Web3 world, only now you have to encourage them to share their "digital"

name (or data) with you.

4. Find Your Digital Cheerleaders: Remember when local celebrities would endorse your

brand? Now we have influencers in the Web3 world who can help get the word out about

your brand.

5. Use the New Toolbox: Remember when you upgraded from a hand drill to an electric

one? That's what it's like when you start using Web3 tools for your marketing needs.

6. Explore the Digital Town Square: Decentralized social media platforms are like the old

town square, where everyone has a say. Only this time, it's digital.

7. Respect the Digital Home: Just like you wouldn't barge into someone's house

uninvited, respect your audience's data privacy in the Web3 world.

8. Embrace the Digital Greenbacks: Remember when credit cards were a new thing?

Now we have cryptocurrencies. Start accepting them just like you did with plastic money

back in the day.

9. Dive into Digital Collectibles: Think of NFTs as digital baseball cards or rare stamps.

You can create your own for your brand as a unique way to engage your audience.

10. Stay Light on Your Digital Feet: The Web3 world is constantly changing, just like

fashion. Keep up with the trends and be ready to change your marketing strategy just

like you would swap out your bell-bottoms for skinny jeans.


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