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My crypto currency adventure started back in 2017 when Bitcoin was only $970 each. I have been an active participant in this Web3 space ever since. I have used these years of hands on experience to fully understand how this emerging marketing functions. Along the way, it is safe to say I most defiantly made some costly mistakes such as being part of small market cap projects that rugpull liquidity, not being fully aware of current market trends and conditions but most importantly not knowing when to take profit. I invite you to take a deep dive into crypto with me and allow me to  share with you all my costly mistakes and the valuable lessons I have learned along the way.

While I was attending Hawaii Pacific University for my Masters degree, I had the opportunity to teach Graphic Design 101 to the undergrad students. This was a key moment in my life when I realized that I love to share life changing information with others. I know I have the ability to communicate this complex crypto space information in a way that anyone can understand.

My overall goal right now is to meet and find 7 forward thinking adults who value knowledge, the human connection and most importantly are ready to dig deep into this space. Also to be honest I am also torn as to what I should charge for these meetings. To keep it simple I would just ask for around $75 via paypal, venmo, cash app, and this will cover my Uber eats dinner for the evening while you will obtain some life changing information. Seems fair enough to me. 

I am in the process of putting together a series of supporting materials that would include a list of resource cheat sheets and notes that will aid in the support of this coaching. I am also not offering any financial advice, nor am I acting as a financial advisor in any way. I am simply just helping you learn about the crypto space in general. All of the information I will provide you can be found online via, google, bogs, youtube, twitter, telegram, discord and tiktok research methods. I am just helping you to connect the dots so that you can make your own choices. 

I did not have any friends who where here to hold my hand and guide me into this space. I feel that I can provide you with all the key resources needed to be safe, knowledgable and also successful in this space.

I would love to get to know a you and where you are in your web3 / crypto journey!  Please feel free to call, text or email me about setting up 1 on 1 coaching. I look forward to hearing from you!

Lets Connect And
Chat About Coaching!
A 100% Risk Free Call.
No Sales Pitch,  No Obligations, No Pressure.

Thank you! I will be in touch shortly!


I find myself in an exciting place in my career path. My passion is found in the web3 community and it is my goal to find people and projects that can benefit from my 18 years of traditional marketing experience. Here are a few of the communities I am involved with.


Governor DAO- Marketing Executive

As Marketing Executive for GDAO, my primary role is to roll out the Proof of Existence token to the world and build strategic partnerships. I am also helping to revamp the overall branding and messaging for the DAO. I am excited to be able to work directly with the core team to bring this technology to the global market!  Sybil resistance is a very real and ever growing problem in the web3 space, so to be on the forefront of this technology to combat it is extremely exciting. GDAO is actively ,looking for technology partnerships so please feel free to reach out! -M2


Raid Guild  S4-Q1 Cohort Member

I am excited to have been excepted into the Season 4, Cohort 1 of 2022. Raid Guild has allowed me to experience the inner workings of being part of a DAO. I look forward to becoming an active contributor to the DAOs internal marketing team known as the Shill Shop. My traditional B2B marketing skills will allow me to drive new clients to the Raid Guild and help connect clients with qualified Web3 dev's. If you want to say hello my discord handle is Midnight_Voodoo. 

Eth denver.jpg


I have gained acceptance to join ETH Denver and look forward to building my connections in the web3 community. The Raid Guild has also allowed me to join a team to work on bounties together. These are exciting times we are living in!


CODELESS Conduct - 2021

My first experience with the Web3 community was when I attended the Codeless Conduct Hack-a-thon. This meeting really opened my eyes to the web3 community and how vast this network of like minded individualizes was. I created and submitted a video about the future of web3 based charity as it could apply in the crypto space. This video outlined the tokenomics framework behind a charity focused coin. This video thesis can be found here.

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